Tangram Creamery

After dinner, there’s nothing that Mell likes better than to finish with dessert. And there’s no better dessert on a warm Vancouver evening than ICE CREAM.

So, we decided to hit up Tangram Creamery, a new joint that our friends had been raving about (and whose creations we’d been seeing all over our Instagram feeds).

Tangram menu

Tangram’s menu

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La Buca

Because we’d been missing not only Spanish but also Italian food, we felt it was time to relive our days in Florence and Rome today.

rome gladiator.gif

Okay it wasn’t THAT far back

We discovered that the Sardine Can is part of a Spanish-Italian group of restaurants in Vancouver—La Buca and Sorella are the other two restaurants in this group. Grace had a gift certificate to use, thanks to her awesome realtor/fellow food lover Casey, so this was as good a time as any to pig the fuck out…



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The Sardine Can

That feel when you’re in the mood for Spanish food because it’s been like a year since you were in Barcelona…

Yeah. We definitely had a craving. Vancouver has precious few Spanish tapas restaurants, but we’d heard good things about the Sardine Can (and who can resist a stroll in Gastown?), so we decided to pay them a visit after work.

First order of business—especially since it was a Friday—was drinks. 😏

Tinto de verano and sherry

Tinto de verano and sherry

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Ora Sushi

Ever since the ex-manager of Mega Sushi set up their own shop in Steveston called Ora Sushi, we knew we had to try it and see if the amazing sushi at Mega had made its way over to Ora.

Mell’s been before and therefore already knew her favorites so she wasted no time in filling Grace in.

M: Salmon tataki roll—closest thing to aburi here with “torched salmon.” But Richmond sushi restaurants really need to up their aburi game 😦

Tataki roll

Salmon tataki roll

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Having been pleasantly surprised by Heirloom Vegetarian‘s brunch in the past, Mell was eager to come for dinner. And what better excuse than starting a new job that’s literally 5 minutes away? Plus Grace was in the mood for something ‘healthy.’


M’s reaction

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