Earnest Ice Cream

Continuing our streak of eat-a-healthy-dinner-and-then-have-ice-cream, we walked about two seconds and one door over to Earnest Ice Cream after our dinner at Graze. Like Graze, Earnest aims to be as zero-waste as possible, and if you buy a pint of ice cream here (which you will after you try it), they’ll pack it up for you in reusable glass jars. Not bad.

Earnest Storefront

Earnest is (obviously) one of Mell’s favourite and most-visited destinations, and she’s tried nearly all the flavours—including the seasonal ones. (M: OMFG Snickerdoodle was the best though. Ever.) Today we both decided on subdued flavours due to the fact that we were still stuffed from Graze.



Grace gobbled down Tahitian Vanilla while Mell was slowly (G: not that slowly tbh she ate that so fast) sated with Earl Grey. The ice cream is so smooth and creamy. You’ve not really had ice cream until you’ve tasted this. Each flavour is pronounced without being overly sweet and even the more mellow flavours are far from bland. Oh and get yours with the waffle cones. Because let’s face it you’re not having ice cream properly unless you’re eating it out of a crunchy, sweet wafer-like cone.



M: Grace, hold still. I’m trying to take a picture.

G: [flails around]

M: OKAY. You gotta lick it. Keep your tongue on it. Hold still. 


M: Now it’s just all over your face. Everyone please note: the only time you’ll see Grace covered in white stuff.


full house ice cream

Us, basically.

Obviously this place is the bomb. Their never-ending lineups can attest to that. Both times we’ve come here, service has been top-notch and there’s a great community vibe. We love their name because Earnest is exactly how you’d describe them when you’re talking about ice cream, and you can tell from the moment you walk into the shop.

Oh yeah and we actually got a lot of shit from our friends for our flavour choices tonight (“Why the hell did you get vanilla??”) so YES WE’RE GOING TO GET Whiskey Hazelnut THE NEXT TIME WE COME SO YOU CAN CALM YOUR TITS.

Earnest Ice Cream on Urbanspoon

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