Chau Veggie Express

We’ve been eating a lot of meat lately (M: SO much, my stomach’s been bothering me. *whine whine*), so we were craving something light—but still filling and delicious without compromising flavour, obvs. Because we’re picky like that. BOOYAH HELLO Chau Veggie.

We’d both been here before but it’s become a new favourite for Mell and her vegetarianism since she loves Asian flavours. And do they ever deliver.

Chau Veggie Express bar area

Did we mention they have a BAR

It’s a modest, open space with scrubbed down communal tables and group seating everywhere. Premise: go up to the counter. Order. Find a seat. Wait for your food to be placed before you.

Mell started with jasmine tea.

Jasmine tea

Because tea is the best comfort drink

We shared a #20 Namaste salad roll which turned out to be the BEST DECISION EVER. It’s incredibly fresh and the rice paper is thinner than your average. Like a spring garden in your mouth. We pretty much established that this is a must-order every time we come from now on. It’s filled with lemongrass tofu, quinoa, mung beans, lettuce, cucumber, Thai basil, and crispy wheat crunch. And did we mention peanut satay sauce?

blissful ron

Yes we really like peanut satay sauce.

M: Who doesn’t love satay sauce. You’ve got to be insane. DRENCH THAT SHIT.

G: Okay you need to calm down because we’re sitting next to strangers. And I can’t believe you doubted me when I ordered this.

M: Can we order more.

Namaste veggie salad rolls

We were not Namaste-ing when we were eating this

Mell easily chose #8 Ploughing the Rice Fields, since Aladdin got it last time and she basically ate his entire bowl. It’s SO good. It comes with a cup of strong vegetable broth (not too salty) that you pour (however much you want) into the main bowl of noodles. If there’s one thing (more like 100, LBR) we like about Chau, it’s that their flavours are always in harmony, even in non-traditional combinations. How often do you see pineapple used in a bowl of Vietnamese noodles?

M: Now you’re gonna eat my whole bowl! 😦

G: Damn straight.

Ploughing the Rice Fields Vietnamese noodles and bean sprouts

Seasonal veggies, kale, tofu, pineapple, mushroom garlic sauce, bean sprouts, noodles, and Thai basil

Grace hemmed and hawed before deciding on #10 Rickety Rickshaw Ride. (Alliteration much?) It’s also a noodle bowl, but with shredded bean curd, crispy spring rolls, roasted peanuts, mung beans, pickled veggies, greens, cucumber, herbs, and lemon sauce. Similar ingredients, but very different tastes in yo mouth. Mell found this dish a little less flavourful compared to the Ploughing the Rice Fields, which is understandable because that one came with a whole cup of broth, but Grace really enjoyed these veggie spring rolls. Mostly because they tasted just as good as meat.

G: I don’t even miss meat right now. And how the eff did they manage to get umami in this?

Rickety Rickshaw Ride spring rolls and noodles

Good for tricking your meatatarian friends.

Chau Veggie is hands down one of our favourite vegetarian restaurants in Vancouver, and with good reason. (G: The common complaints that we meat-eaters have about vegetarian food… that it doesn’t fill you up like meat does, or that it doesn’t taste as good… do not apply at Chau. At all. Neither my stomach nor my tastebuds have ever been less than satisfied here.) It’s healthy, tastes good—and they even have vegan ice cream. And craft beer. And weekend mojitos.

Like what more could you ask for, seriously.

And don’t say meat.

CHAU VeggiExpress 素食速遞 on Urbanspoon

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