Mega Sushi

Back in the day when this blog was just a twinkle in our eyes, we knew beyond a doubt that we’d be paying a well deserved visit to the famous Mega Sushi (G: Well mostly because Mell wouldn’t shut up about their rolls). We’d both eaten here before, but Mell’s frequented it since its opening days and would religiously come here an average of 4x per week. (M: You know you’re dedicated and love sushi when… G: Or insane.) It’s been a family favourite and it’s become tradition for any traveller who’s crossed Mell’s path to be introduced to MEGA.

Are you ready for the longest post in the history of Foodporn Uncut? CAUSE THIS IS HAPPENING.

Japanese beer Sapporo

You should also probably open one before you start reading this.

We started with appies—and then the plates started arriving at such a rapid pace that we barely had room on the table. Their agedashi tofu is exactly how you’d want it: crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, fresh out of the fryer and ready to be dunked in their tentsuyu (Japanese tempura) sauce.

Agedashi fried tofu


Then they brought us this thing. It’s not on the menu, but the members of the Kipnes clan are regulars and got the hookup. We all oohed and aahed at the unique presentation, and Grace zeroed in on the tobiko—pretty much no one else at the table liked tobiko, except Ozzie.

Avocado tobiko and tuna

What’s in you…

We were a little confused at first because what’s so special about a hunk of avocado anyway, but someone had the brilliant idea of actually opening it up…

Avocado tuna sashimi


… Which revealed chunks of fresh tuna doused in spicy sauce and resting on vessels of just-ripe avocado. Heaven.

Chris got the caterpillar roll sans tobiko (G: Not gonna lie my heart still hurts a little at that). It’s pretty much a fancier version of a California roll, but with Mega Sushi’s sweet and savoury sauce over top plus more avocado. And it even has antennae!

Caterpillar roll without tobiko


G: Meagan looks really hangry right now.

Meagan: Hurry up and take your damn picture.


Chris also got the chicken teriyaki don, one of the few non-roll choices of the night. With a sizeable portion and the fact that it’s hot and drenched in teriyaki sauce, there were no complaints from his end. He wolfed it down with satisfaction and spent the remainder of the meal saying things like, “Oh, no, I shouldn’t take a roll. Okay maybe just one more. MMMM.” Like father like daughter. (G: ACCURATE.)

Chicken teriyaki don

Winner winner chicken dinner

Oh and everyone was obsessed with the Crazy Boy Roll, which is a deep-fried California roll with Mega’s three signature sauces. Who knew you could do so many variations of a Cali roll?

Side note: Mega donates 10% of all profits of this roll to The Children’s Hospital Foundation and they’ve donated over $9000 so far! In case you needed another reason to get your crazy on…

Crazy boy roll x3

Three times the crazy

M: HOLY FUCK. THIS IS SO AMAZING. Every damn time. NOMS x 439759

G: … You are all crazy.

The Dragon roll (which you can get at most Japanese restaurants, only they’d call it an unagi roll) had avocado and crab meat, wrapped in grilled BBQ eel and topped with tobiko. The richness of the eel and the sweet sauce went together perfectly. And there was tobiko for Grace. Yaaaaay.

Dragon roll

The next best kind of dragon after the ones in Harry Potter

G: Did you just use your chopsticks to push that back into position?

M: You know it. Perfectionist to the max.

The Rainbow roll, which you can also get at many Japanese restaurants, is technically a California Roll with sashimi (salmon, tuna, shrimp, etc.) on top. Mega drizzled just a bit of what seems to be their sweet house sauce and some mayo over top, and used nice fatty cuts of fish, which was nice.

Rainbow roll salmon tuna california roll


Obvs you can’t forget about the sashimi…

Salmon and tuna sashimi

Here fishy fishy

Just look at those thick, juicy hunks of fresh fish.


Spicy tuna roll

Torched tuna, shrimp, scallop, yam flakes, avocado, spicy sauce

Oh, Big Boss Roll. True to its name, it’s nothing short of badass. Packed with seafood, topped with crunchy yam flakes and sesame, and accompanied by two different spicy sauces, it’s all you’ve ever wanted in your mouth and then some.

M: Last time, I got my shirt in the sauce. Because I was too excited.

G: You need a giant bib.

M: FU.

Last roll of the night: the spicy yam tempura roll. It was nicely battered, not too greasy, and had generous chunks of yam.

Spicy yam tempura roll

Hello vegetarians, I’m here 4 u

Grace had been waiting all week to order this: the uni ikura don. It’s sea urchin and salmon roe layered on top of sushi rice. It’s such a simple dish, but it’s one of the most divine and luxurious things you can order, not because it’s crazy expensive or anything, but because of how rich and beautiful the flavours are—you can taste the ocean in the smooth, buttery uni and in the roe. if you’re not terrified of a little fishiness (fresh fishiness, not the stale gross kind of fishiness), the salty salmon eggs are to die for. Both were super fresh here, and any uni + ikura combo is a must-try at any Japanese restaurant if you’re a fan of seafood.

Uni ikura don (sea urchin and salmon roe)

Food. Gasmic.

G: Oh. My. God. This is beautiful.

M: … 

G: Can I just have a moment with this. kthx.

We also got some vegetable gyozas to round out this ginormous meal. They were a special addition to the menu this evening and Mell was certainly going to capitalize on it. The wrappers weren’t your typical crispy/chewy but more crispy and (obviously) stuffed with veggies. They were completely wiped out—just like every other plate.

Vegetable gyoza


With the meal approaching its end, nobody had room for dessert except for Chris and Elliott. They decided on coconut ice cream and when it arrived the boys couldn’t help notice immediately how the ice cream looked so very much like…

Dirty dessert coconut ice cream

Ice cream tits

This was one of our more memorable meals, considering it included some epic people. And when C + E-Junk get together, there’s no shushing them. (M: Much love, y’all.)

Because Mell and Grace couldn’t get enough Mega in a week (M: And because I was literally going through withdrawals from lack of Crazy boy rolls), we came back with our regular crew to continue the adventure.

Oh, how we’ve missed thee.

Mega Roll

Super Mega Ultimate Roll

How pretty is this? Dragonhead got the Mega Roll: salmon, avocado, and green onion (lightly fried) topped with imitation crab, spicy mayo, tobiko, and more green onion. There are a lot of amazing traditional Japanese restaurants in the Lower Mainland, but if we’re talking about non-traditional sushi rolls, Mega Sushi is definitely up there. Just sayin.

Dragonhead: Dragonhead happy.

snoop dogg

You shall live to see another day

Another of our favourites, the Steveston roll, has tuna, avocado, and cucumber with crunchy flakes on top, sitting in a super spicy sauce—Mell especially is a sucker for anything spicy in sushi. Again, not so traditional but still damn delicious.

Steveston roll

Dat sauce tho

Speaking of spicy…

Negitoro roll and spicy yam tempura roll

Spicy yam tempura roll + negitoro roll

M: I switch up what I order every time, but I still always order a spicy yam tempura roll. It’s just too good to miss out on. I also like the tuna and green onion combo in the negitoro roll… so refreshing.

G: Negitoro is so underrated. And you’re eating fish!! SUCCESS.

Next came the Blue ocean roll in all its colourful glory.

Blue Ocean roll

Yew so purdy

It’s wrapped in soy paper instead of seaweed, and it’s got red tuna, hamachi, salmon, radish sprout, and avocado with a generous amount of tobiko and drizzled with two kinds of sauce. A striking feast for the eyes—and your tastebuds too. The ocean is definitely the star here, as there is noticeably less rice and more fish in this roll.

Dragonhead, Kebin, and Grem also got two beef tataki rolls. Seared around the edges but left mostly raw, this roll was an interesting blend of styles. If you’ve noticed, this roll also has a Cali roll base. Why anyone would order a plain California roll now with all these options is beyond us…

Beef tataki roll

Protein game strong

G: Mell you’re not allowed to get another Crazy boy roll. Expand your horizons goddammit.

M: I’ve literally eaten almost everything on the menu. And I’m mad craving it.


So yeah we got another one. But we didn’t take pictures. Because there are already like 30 in this post and we were like nah. So here, have an unagi roll. Basically the Dragon roll, but with no tobiko and no imitation crab.

Unagi roll


Kebin and Grem understand our spicy love and ordered spicy salmon and tuna rolls as well as a chopped scallop roll. Pretty standard. They inhaled them in about three seconds, so we take it they enjoyed themselves.

Spicy tuna, spicy salmon, and chopped scallop roll

Need more spice in your life?

M: I’m starting to get full…

G: Me too… shit.

M: Kebin get out of my picture. 

K: Hurr Durr.  

Sunset roll

Sunset roll + Kebin’s face

Is the Sunset roll so named because the fiery orange tobiko and salmon look like the sun about to sink into a horizon of rice and avocado? Or is it just something that you should be eating as you watch a sunset at the beach? Does this even matter when every bite of savoury goodness gave us heart palpitations? No, probably not.

conan love thank you

So there you have it. Our longest post. Ever. If you stuck it out and are still reading this, we thank you for your dedication and patience with our rants. We’re hungry by now since it took a while to write all this and the photos aren’t helping. If you’re ever in Steveston and want to give Mega a try (which you should, in case that wasn’t clear), for the love of god call in beforehand to make a reservation because there were sizeable lineups both times we came.

And take us with you. kthx.

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