Ora Sushi

Ever since the ex-manager of Mega Sushi set up their own shop in Steveston called Ora Sushi, we knew we had to try it and see if the amazing sushi at Mega had made its way over to Ora.

Mell’s been before and therefore already knew her favorites so she wasted no time in filling Grace in.

M: Salmon tataki roll—closest thing to aburi here with “torched salmon.” But Richmond sushi restaurants really need to up their aburi game 😦

Tataki roll

Salmon tataki roll

Just in case your poor soul has never had aburi before, it’s basically nigiri sushi, but the fish/prawn is partially grilled, cooking it the perfect amount and releasing alllll the flavour.


Warranting this reaction from us, always

Kebin got some beef teriyaki on a sizzling hot plate—and then proceeded to gobble it up along with some rice. Kebin basically loves anything meaty and sizzling (pending good price point), so this was a win in his books.

Beef teriyaki

Beef teriyaki ft. crotch shot

Dragonhead got the chicken teriyaki don. How basic. She said it was pretty tasty—standard, but tasty.

Chicken teriyaki

Chicken teriyaki don

Grace also got a few solo nigiri pieces: tai  and uni. The uni was the star of the show, fresh and sweet and melty in your mouthy. Tai is a white fish that’s a nice alternative to tuna if you’re in the mood for something with a little more bite. The rice was aite.


Tai (red snapper), Ebi, Asparagus tempura roll

M: Don’t get mad at me but I’m going to order an asparagus tempura roll. 


M: No I swear it’s going to be amazing. 

It’s one of those simple rolls that’s consistently good whenever Mell comes, even though she has to special order it because it’s not actually on the menu. (G: BECAUSE IT’S BASIC)


Money shot of the uni (sea urchin)

All in all, not a bad sushi place if you’re out in Steveston, but also not quite as mind-blowing as what we remember from Mega Sushi, may it R.I.P. So, here’s Judy Garland with the verdict:

judy garland.gif

Thanks, Judy.


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