La Buca

Because we’d been missing not only Spanish but also Italian food, we felt it was time to relive our days in Florence and Rome today.

rome gladiator.gif

Okay it wasn’t THAT far back

We discovered that the Sardine Can is part of a Spanish-Italian group of restaurants in Vancouver—La Buca and Sorella are the other two restaurants in this group. Grace had a gift certificate to use, thanks to her awesome realtor/fellow food lover Casey, so this was as good a time as any to pig the fuck out…



Is there anything more decadent than soft, creamy burrata?

Burrata with bruschetta

Burrata with bruschetta

Served with a healthy drizzle of olive oil, cracked pepper, sun-dried tomatoes, bruschetta, and a fresh salad, this took us back to lazy days eating outdoors in Italy. It’s amazing how something so simple can transport you across continents and oceans.

harry potter flying.gif


For our primi (well one of our primis), we had the orechiette with peas, speck, and basil pesto. Named for their pig-ear shape, orechiette is one of Grace’s favourite pastas. Again, great flavours with the salty speck (a type of prosciutto) and basil pesto. Loved the contrast of the crisp peas.

M: Want my speck?

G: I’ll take all your speck since it’s so SPECKTACULAR.

M: 😒

Orecchiette, peas, speck, basil pesto

Orechiette, peas, speck, basil pesto

Normally, we’d share a primi and secondi and call it a day. At least that’s what we did when we were in Italy. But eh. Screw that.

We also got the squash ravioli with sage butter and pecans. AND WE WERE SO GLAD WE DID. Just look at the amount of butter these babies are drenched in, how could this not be good?! We cherished each and every ravioli and love the squash/pecan combo. It reminded Mell of autumn flavours.

Squash ravioli sage butter pecans

Squash ravioli

Remembering Chris’ story of eating a giant steak fiorentina with 20 people when he was in Rome, we knew we had to rectify the mistake (G: mis-steak hehe) of not eating this local dish when we were in Florence.

So, we told our server that we’d have the Newport steak Fiorentina too, please. This was his face: 😨

Don't worry, we got this

Don’t worry, we got this

We’re not crazy, we swear. The steak was seared exactly to Grace’s liking: red throughout. We were confused by the onion rings at first but after tasting the combination, we totally understood. It leant the dish a wonderfully crunchy texture, plus when you had a bit of everything on your fork at once… basically hallelujah in your mouth.

Newport steak 'Fiorentina', red wine, Tuscan olive oil

Steak fiorentina: red wine, Tucan olive oil, ONION RINGS

This place is old-school Italian. Like, we could picture the mafia hanging out here. They have booth seating all along the walls with square wooden tables pulled together. It’s a relatively small space, and it was packed with locals celebrating various special occasions, or just wanting to experience a “fancier” meal. We enjoyed our time here and we definitely lucked out with the only window seat in house. This is very much a neighbourhood restaurant that’s done really well for itself and serves pretty awesome food. We do think it’s a tad overpriced for what it is buttttt the food is awesome so if you feel like ballin out, drop by.

La Buca Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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