Tangram Creamery

After dinner, there’s nothing that Mell likes better than to finish with dessert. And there’s no better dessert on a warm Vancouver evening than ICE CREAM.

So, we decided to hit up Tangram Creamery, a new joint that our friends had been raving about (and whose creations we’d been seeing all over our Instagram feeds).

Tangram menu

Tangram’s menu

As you can see, their menu’s got both the classics—and a few flavours we’d never seen before. The Japanese twist was a fun change, and we were also excited to try their unique handmade cookie cones. These cones are made from a French cookie called “langue de chat,” or cat’s tongue. Guess… there’s a resemblance…

Amazake, salted caramel, roasted coconut, raspberry sorbet


Grace got a Amazake and salted caramel double scoop. If you like drinking sake, well, this is pretty much sake in a slightly sweeter, colder form. The salted caramel was delish as well, but the standout for Grace was the cone. Mainly because she’d never had a cone like that before with ice cream. The cookie’s texture and sweetness are common enough in Asian desserts, but pairing it with ice cream was a genius move.

tyrion drinking.gif

Cheers to that

Mell deviated from her usual and got a double scoop of strawberry shortcake and roasted coconut. The strawberry was smooth except for the cheeky chunks of shortcake and the roasted coconut was tropical heaven. Each bite was like a flavour punch in the mouth, without being sickly sweet. She also loved the novelty of the cookie cone and would switch up her usual waffle as an alternative.

Affogato Tangram


We sat on one of the long wooden benches watching other customers inside the shop, noticing the diverse passersby of the Arbutus neighbourhood and how much everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. We loved the neat touches throughout the place… and especially the small batch craft they’ve got going on.  Tangram was a win in our books—beautiful interior, Japanese feelz, and really, really good ice cream.

kinda like this

kinda like this

Tangram Creamery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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